Nova Energy is a nation-wide, New Zealand-owned company, and we treat our customers the way you’d expect of a genuine Kiwi organisation.

We keep things straightforward and easy to understand, and our team is based right here in New Zealand. So you can talk to a local person when you need one.  These are some of the reasons we’ve won awards for our service.

Whether its electricity or natural gas you can buy it from us. Nova Energy has its own electricity generation capability, and sources natural gas from Todd Energy. Todd Energy, like Nova Energy, is part of the Todd Corporation, which has been one of New Zealand’s leading energy explorers and producers for around 60 years.

We supply energy for all kinds of industries and all sizes of firms, from building an on-site co-generation plant for New Zealand’s largest dairy company, to being the preferred energy supplier to the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, and providing thousands of small businesses across the country with all their energy needs.

At Nova Energy, we aim to keep our costs as lean as possible so we can provide you with great value energy.

Thousands of Kiwi families and businesses have switched to Nova Energy because we’ve helped them save on their energy bill. We provide a smart mix of energy options to suit your family or businesses needs and we offer great service.

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