Todd Capital

Todd Capital is a portfolio of businesses and investments supporting corporate growth and diversification beyond the energy sector. The businesses and investments are located in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada.

  • Integria Healthcare

    Integria Healthcare operates in the natural healthcare market. It owns a number of successful healthcare brands which enjoy the trust of consumers and patients in markets around the world including Thompson’s, Thursday Plantation, Eureka, Eagle and MediHerb.

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  • Todd Property

    Todd Property is a New Zealand property developer engaged in designing and delivering a significant commercial and residential property portfolio in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Todd Minerals

    Todd Minerals manages investments in a number of international projects. These include a 100% holding in the Balla Balla Infrastructure Project (BBIG), a 59% interest in Flinders Mines Limited and a 52% interest in Northcliff Resources Limited.

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  • PartsTrader

    Todd Corporation is the largest shareholder in PartsTrader, an online marketplace that matches suppliers of automotive parts with buyers (auto insurers) and facilitates agreement on delivery, quality and price.

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