Following the success of its New Zealand based energy investments, the Todd Corporation launched Todd Energy International to develop overseas energy projects. The division’s major projects are currently located in North America and Canada and include South Louisiana Methanol and the Birch natural gas project.

South Louisiana Methanol is Texas based and operationally focused on creating a world scale methanol plant to be located on a 1,400 acre site on the Mississippi river, midway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans in Louisiana, with access to US markets and all-tide water access to world markets. South Louisiana Methanol is a $2 billion production facility located in St James’ Parish, Louisiana.

The first train is envisaged to produce approximately two million tonnes per annum of methanol, with plant feed natural gas of approximately 65 PJ per annum. The St James site has sufficient space for at least five trains and the plant’s life is expected to be in excess of 30 years.

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The Birch project is focused on the Montney liquids rich natural gas play in North East British Columbia. Todd Energy Canada is the operator in a 50/50 joint venture with Tourmaline Oil Corp (TOU). TOU acquired a working interest from Paramount Resources in July 2021. The project covers approximately 43,000 acres of land and is a significant natural gas producer with world scale resources. The field is projected to produce until 2060.

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