Todd Generation owns and operates a portfolio of electricity generation assets across New Zealand, including fast start natural gas fired power plants, cogeneration facilities and investments in commercial-scale solar through interests in Sunergise and Sunergise International.

As New Zealand transitions to a low emissions future, natural gas fired power plants like Todd Generation’s 100 MW Junction Road facility and 100 MW McKee power plant help to ensure security of electricity supply by providing coverage for interruptible renewable generation and to meet short-term fluctuations in peak electricity demand.


Todd Generation is the majority shareholder in Todd Solar (trading as Sunergise), which specialises in New Zealand commercial-scale solar using power purchase arrangements with commercial clients, allowing more businesses to access solar power with no capital outlay.

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Sunergise International

Todd Generation is the majority shareholder in Sunergise International, which has 20 years of experience designing and installing solar PV, battery, hybrid and mini grid systems in the Pacific.

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