Todd Foundation

The Todd Foundation is the main philanthropic vehicle of the Todd Family. The Todd Foundation provides funding to New Zealand organisations that contribute towards the Foundation’s vision of 'an inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand where all families, children and young people can thrive and contribute'; with decisions made by a Board that includes both Todd family members and external trustees.

The funding provided by the Todd Foundation supports organisations working with children, young people, whānau and communities.

The Foundation is committed to listening and learning from our communities, and uses a high trust, relationship based funding model.

Key facts

  • Total funding provided to our communities since inception is $99.9 million (in 2021 dollar terms).
  • Funding is approximately $4m per year.
  • The Foundation takes a pro-active funding approach with a strong focus on systems change.
  • The Foundation resources communities to create sustainable, long-term positive social change with a focus on supporting systems to change rather than funding programme and service delivery (applications are by invitation only).
  • The Foundation works collaboratively with other funders, and is one of the founding partners of the Working Together More Fund.

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