Supplier Code of Conduct

Todd works with suppliers who share a commitment and approach to conducting business with integrity, safely and in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the expectations that Todd has of its suppliers and is founded on the Todd Operating PrinciplesThe Code applies to all Todd suppliers, their suppliers, and any sub-contractors.

Here's a brief overview of what that means for our suppliers: 

Value our People
We will all have a safe workplace

Human rights and modern slavery

Suppliers are expected to meet the responsibilities of business set out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Creating a safe work environment that fosters individual and collective success

Todd wants to procure goods and services from suppliers that conduct business in a way that supports Todd’s operating principles.

Non-discrimination, grievance processes and freedom of association

We value working with businesses that provide workplaces that are free from harassment, exploitation, intimidation, inhumane treatment and discrimination. They have mechanisms that allow personnel to speak up or raise grievances if they see something that is unsafe, unethical or potentially harmful, without fear of retaliation.

Care for the Environment and Community
We will operate in an environmentally responsible manner

Supporting Environmental priorities

Suppliers can demonstrate their commitment to operate in an environmentally sound manner by enhancing environmental sustainability.

Maintain a High Standard of Conduct
Acting with integrity and the highest ethical standards

Bribery and corruption, money laundering, conflict of interest and anti-competitive conduct

Suppliers are expected to promote transparency and accountability in the conduct and administration of their business by having in place effective processes and procedures.

Protecting confidential information

Suppliers are expected to have effective protocols in place for securing and protecting Todd information.

Create value
Placing customer satisfaction at the centre of everything we do

Todd looks to build strong supplier relationships that supports it to place customer satisfaction at the centre of everything it does. Suppliers must ensure appropriate controls are in place to protect Todd’s brand and intellectual property.

Read our full supplier code of conduct

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