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The family owned Todd Corporation is one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful companies. With a history that spans over 130 years the Company has interests in hydrocarbon exploration and production, electricity generation, energy retailing, property development, healthcare, minerals and technology. Those interests include both operated businesses and investment holdings.

  • Todd Energy NZ

    Todd Energy is a New Zealand pioneer and leader in the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. Todd Energy is a New Zealand pioneer and leader in the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. Todd Energy holds interests in producing fields that account for approximately 60% of New Zealand’s annual hydrocarbon production and is one of New Zealand's leading energy producers. Todd Energy has interests in the following fields: McKee/Mangahewa, Kapuni and Pohokura.

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  • Todd Energy International

    Todd Energy International owns a controlling interest in the South Louisiana Methanol (SLM) project, which is proposing to build, own and operate a natural gas to methanol plant in Louisiana, USA. Todd Energy International has an upstream energy businesses in Canada, where it is the Operator and 50/50 joint owner, with Paramount Resources Limited, of the Birch liquids-rich natural gas field in north-east British Columbia.

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  • Nova Energy

    Nova Energy is a New Zealand energy retailer providing great value energy for Kiwi families and businesses. Nova is proud of its award winning Kiwi service, which was most recently recognised at the Deloitte Energy Excellence Awards where it received the Energy Retailer of the Year 2016 award. This followed on from the Roy Morgan customer satisfaction awards where they were named electricity provider 2015/16.

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  • Todd Generation

    Todd Generation owns operates a diverse portfolio of generation assets across New Zealand, including clean-burning natural gas facilities, landfill gas, co-generation plants, and investments in renewable energy both in New Zealand and the Pacific.

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  • Integria Healthcare

    Integria Healthcare operates in the natural healthcare market. It owns a number of successful healthcare brands which enjoy the trust of consumers and patients in markets around the world including Thompson’s, Thursday Plantation, Eureka, Eagle and MediHerb.

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  • Todd Property

    Todd Property is a New Zealand property developer engaged in designing and delivering a significant commercial and residential property portfolio in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Todd Minerals

    Todd Minerals manages investments in a number of international projects. These include a 90% holding in the Balla Balla Infrastructure Project (BBIG), a 55% interest in Flinders Mines Limited and a 36% interest in Northcliff Resources Limited.

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  • Todd Digital

    Todd Digital’s vision is to create a digital future that will help shift the way we work and live in the 21st century. We design human-centred technology solutions that enable our customers to bring new ideas to market.
    Disruptive innovations and digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are reshaping the world we live in. We work with our customers to develop digital solutions that harness these technologies to help improve and grow their businesses.

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